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Darnell Robinson “Preserves” His Family Legacy with New Track

Born into hip hop royalty, artist and producer Darnell Roy is the grandson of the legendary Sylvia Robinson, who founded Sugarhill Records. He is fresh off of starring on the hit BRAVO doc-series, First Family of Hip hop and now the TV star has released a hot new single, “Preserve.”

On the track Darnell Roy raps:

“Skating down the palisade I got my lawyer on the jack/ Bitch I made my life a show and this is not an act/ I tried to help a lot of people they ain’t help themselves/ Don’t need nobody else to make my plate, I help myself”

The NJ native recently shot the music video for “Preserve” and was supported onset by his sister and First Family co-star, singer LeA Robinson.

Make sure you check to Darnell Roy, he’s on the come-up.

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