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Evelyn Braxton Approves Daughter Toni Dating Birdman!

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While we are all scratching our heads about Toni Braxton even THINKING about dating Birdman, it seems her momma doesn’t mind.

Evelyn Braxton, hit up The Rickey Smiley Show along with her daughters Trina and Towanda, and told the hosts when asked if rumors were true that the two were dating, “I hope so.”

“He is a nice young man,” she added while her daughters consigned. “I don’t care what others say about him, he’s a nice man. He’s full of respect.”

To which everyone shouted, “Put some Respeck on it!”

Braxton also revealed that she has met the CashMoney CEO because he and Toni have been friends for years. “I met him years ago, Toni has been knowing him for about 15 years. Every time I’ve been around him he’s been very nice.”

Towanda and Trina also think Birdman is a great guy, and gave their blessing for their eldest sister to date him.

Neither Braxton nor Birdman have confirmed their relationship, but they have been spotted on several occasions looking like a couple, most recently walking hand and hand in Atlanta.

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