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Evelyn Lozada Says Beef With Jackie Christie & Tami Roman Almost Made Her Quit ‘Basketball Wives’



Evelyn Lozada is back for season 6 of Basketball Wives  but don’t expect the ladies to welcome her with open arms. During our sit-down with Lozada she told us tensions were high between she and some of her cast members … namely Tami Roman and Jackie Christie.

So what is causing all the drama? According to Lozada, Christie is upset with her for donating money after her grandson was badly burned at his daycare, and Roman is STILL mad about Lozada sleeping with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson before the two were even married.

“After the first day of filming I text Shaunie [O’Neal] and I was like I’m not doing this I quit,” she revealed. “I did, I felt like that because it was alot. I’m walking in to [Tami’s] birthday party and Jackie is talking to me about a GoFundme Page and it was alot. Mind you I had been removed from it for like four years. I was like oh my God.”

Thankfully, the Bronx-bred reality star had a change of heart, and decided to stick it out. “I was like nope, let me re-group. I signed on to do the show and I’m going to do it and I’m glad I didn’t quit after the first day,” she laughed.

But don’t expect to see as much of Lozada’s personal life this time around. She told us her son Leo won’t be on the show, nor her fiancé Carl Crawford.  “I’ve learned from the past to keep my private life very private,” she explained.

Instead fans will see her working on her children’s clothing line, and second book. We can’t wait!

Basketball Wives returns to Vh1 on April 17th.

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