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Exclusive: Terry Crews Pulled From Flight “The Thought I Was A Drug Dealer”

These days, no one is safe from racial profiling … not even Terry Crews.

HH caught up with Crews to discuss Tuesday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when he revealed that it was a true “art imitates life” kind of moment. In the episode, titled “Moo Moo”, Terry’s character, Detective Terence “Terry” Jeffords, experiences racial profiling by another cop. It was a feeling that Crews knew all too well.

Years ago, when the actor was a NFL player he boarded a flight to San Diego, only to be pulled from his seat by police officers who assumed he was a drug dealer, “simply because I bought my ticket with cash,” Terry recalled. But that’s not all. Once Crews told them he was a football player on his way to sign his contract, the officers asked for an autograph! The incident left him angry, frustrated and confused. “All I could think about was what if I wasn’t a football player,” Terry explained.

Angry, frustrated and confused are also the emotions Detective Jeffords felt during the unique and timely Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode. Not only does Jeffords confront the racist cop, but he also deals with the unexpected lack of support from his boss and mentor Captain Ray Holt. “This bring a whole new topic to this conversation because of what happens within the police department being an African-American, am I blue or am I Black,” Crews shared.

This special episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs tonight (Tuesday) on FOX at 8/7c.

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