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Floyd Mayweather Offers To Slap Colin McGregor

(AllHipHop Opinion) Floyd Mayweather Jr. has ignited another news fire storm that he may want to fight the UFC’s Colin McGregor. The boxer went on a rant through a social media video post.

“I ain’t never taking no L. I’m f****** McGregor up, too. That punk-ass McGregor. I’ma slap McGregor. I’ma slap the s*** out of McGregor when I see him,” Floyd said.

McGregor has been calling out the retired boxing champion for quite some time, saying “F**k Floyd” on camera.

Slapping McGregor may not be the right way to go. A straight right seems more appropriate off you want to punish somebody that fights for a living.

Who do you have beating who in this battle of boxing and MMA? Floyd or McGregor?

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