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  • I think you putup this video too early Dwyer, Mayweather pleaded no contest
    to 2 counts of herassment but he pleaded guilty to 1 charge of (reduced)
    domestic violence.

  • As I said before Karma is something to take seriously, everything you do in
    this life its gonna come back to you sooner or later.

  • @boxinggreatness I know what your point is. It is wrong. That is why you
    are not replying to what I wrote but insulting me instead. I didn’t say I
    beat up women. I said that what did you expect Dwyer to say I beat up
    women. He didn’t say that it was something that only men do. Also, Floyd
    was also put away for robbery. I suggest you listen again, because you are
    making things up.

  • @hawkermustang He is a LAWYER YOU IDIOT. I have had friends and family
    members with legal trouble as well, thats dosent make me a LAWYER. GO BACK
    TO SCHOOL, if you wanna be a Lawyer. This man SPECIALIZES IN THESE CASES

  • @strategery101 Good, because you wont be laughing when people start saying
    “well, we knew he would loose anyway” when Pacquiao gets outpointed or
    knocked out by Floyd in style.

  • @boxinggreatness I did answer your point. I said you are making things up
    that no one said. Hence, that is all that can be said about that. Also, it
    doesn’t matter if everyone in the world agrees with you. That doesn’t make
    you write. That would be a logical fallacy.

  • Floyd plead guilty. If you plea no contest you are accepting the charges.
    Anyway, Floyd will get to have all the free Flomoe love he can dream of for
    90 days. hahahaha

  • All mayweather had to do was say he didn’t want to fight Manny. Going to
    the extreme in getting himself sent to jail to get out of the fight is a
    little much floyd.

  • @DorianGrayism Listen DorianGrayism, it doesnt matter if everyone in the
    world agrees with you. Now shut the fuck up you are making yourself look
    like a chump. Dwyer needs to give a more balanced video!

  • @DorianGrayism B.S! He sounds off right at the beginning of the vid about
    not tolerating violence against women its sickening. Why not violence
    against people? He sounds like a feminist protecting his own interests. You
    sound like a passive one too if you cant see that!

  • he plead guilty it has been reported that he made a plea agreement and
    plead guilty to a lesser charge they dont allow you to plea no contest and
    drop the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor dwyer I disagree with this
    report of yours its a plea of guilt

  • @boxinggreatness He doesn’t sound like a feminist because he never said the
    woman was correct or that Floyd was guilty. You are just looking for
    something to complain about.

  • its only 87 days, anyone could do that no problem. this is just me i
    wouldnt believe a women whos probably just after his money

  • actually cinch de mYO IS MORE OF A AMERICAN HOLIDAY MAINLY in the south
    west. mexico doesn’t celebrate cinch de mayo the only reason why mexicans
    will tune in that day because one its boxing mexico loves boxing and second
    its Canelo it has nothing to do with cinch de mayo hahah

  • @boxinggreatness Well Dywer does mention that the prosecution case was very
    weak and that there was evidence of abuse. Even if you ignore that issue,
    he plead no contest to variety of charges. Not only the domestic violence

  • But it’s up to the guy to either hit the woman or not. If you’re a little
    bitch that isn’t doing anything with your life, and just need a reason to
    hit someone? Then you hit a girl. If you’re a man and have respect for a
    woman that is smaller, frailer and not as strong as you.

  • Floyd Sr. said that Jr. would have to go broke or go to jail before he
    wised up. Maybe this sentence is the best thing for him.

  • they should throw pacquaio in floyd’s cell so he can’t run. this clown
    mayweather punching women and u clowns on his nuts…wakeup

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