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  • Just another reason i tune in to listen to everyone of your vids dwyer you
    couldnt have explained this in a more calm reasonable way i hope this will
    put some sense into the pacquiao fans who seem to know nothing really about
    what happens in the boxing world

  • @robstailey the judge delayed Mayweather’s sentence on the proviso that his
    fights are economically beneficial to Last Vegas so the fight has to be

  • @gamecollect101 after that Bob arums never wanted floyd to fight Cotto, he
    just marketed to the public that floyd was scared but look at cottos face
    while floyd was destroying bruseless. WHY DIDNT COTTO CALL OUT FLOYD? Cotto
    saw what happened to marquez right? Hes a great fighter but hes FLAT
    FOOTED. Arturo gatti is FLAT FOOTED. Any FLAT FOOTED fighter will get
    destroyed by floyd.

  • Mayweather dug himself in a hole…why assume Manny will drop everything
    and fight you when and where you want…They both need each other and
    negotiations bombed it…fuk Mayweather…Marquez Paquiao 4…Marquez will
    win and retire and retire paquiao as well…

  • Good points Dwyer. I’d like to hear your view on the nonsense the Pac team
    is spewing about Floyd needing another promoter for a “guaranteed purse”

  • Fight has lost a lot of interest with me, I also don’t believe its career
    defining for Floyd anymore. In the past I thought Floyd had to beat Manny,
    and that Manny may be the only person to defeat him. Now after watching
    Marquez expose Pacquiao its over. Pacquiao is a B level fighter, that has
    absolutely no chance of beating Mayweather. I wouldn’t be surprised if
    Mayweather knocks him out in 6 rounds. It will be a one-sided fight.

  • @S0S0BOXING: Floyd Ortiz ended in a sucker punch? How does one ‘sucker’
    punch a fighter who’s been asked in his dressing room if he understands
    protect yourself at all times? How does Ortiz claim to not know the fight
    was continued when he was fine with the ref’s instructions to continuie the
    fight every other time he told them to fight? Should fighters stand there
    after the ref tells them to continue and ask them if they are ready and
    understand the rules they already said they understood? LMAO

  • they’re just a bunch of duckers. we all know they are finalizing the deal
    with marquez for a 4th fight in june.

  • The MONEY is in PPV. Arum being the business man, why wouldnt he want to
    get that MONEY? So what if Manny loses the Phillippino people will still
    pay for the rematch. Just like they are about to support Cotto after Manny
    clearly smashed him. Cotto2? What a fucking Joke.

  • Dwyer is 100% correct. Why use the excuse that there’s a lack of seats when
    you can just charge more? Are you going to tell me Hollywood A-Listers, 50
    cent and David Beckham won’t pay another $1,000 to per seat to watch this
    fight? Exactly what I thought when I read this comment too.

  • I don’t think Floyd wanted to fight Manny for the last 3 years. I don’t
    think Manny wants to fight Floyd on may 5th After having problems he didn’t
    expect with JMM. It is all about risk and reward with todays A level
    boxers. Boxing was better when the top fighters had to fight several times
    a year to be rich. Today’s A level fighters want to cherry pick 1 or 2
    lower risk fights a year and maintain there record. I don’t think FM wanted
    to fight Pac on May 5th either. FM is using Pac hype.

  • @benjyyy –not to mention if they late with the stadium being built the
    fight is off cuz floyd going to jail in june…that kinda thing happen when
    u dealing with construction….smdh….they wasnt talking nothing bout no
    extra arena before

  • Great vid my brother I agree time is short the young catts coming up will
    take the spotlight that’s a good thing and I think floyd knows this and is
    ready to pass it but he wants to finish he’s business like a truth champ
    all respect should go to floyd for being real being himself and doing it
    his way u got to love and respect that as a man

  • @anlaff He’s not paying for his crime (the crime carries a total of 30
    years in jail), he’s paying for not contesting the charges which is totally
    different from a guilty plea! If he was guilty he’d be in jail regardless
    of his commitment to the MGM! If you’re so confident he’s guilty, maybe the
    boxing ring would be the right place for him if Pac’s as great as the media
    make him out to be!

  • @touchtone101, Good theology but that assumption won’t hold on fight night
    where it counts most, btw that fight is going to take place so you’ll get
    to see first hand, Cotto still sports the most impressive roster and really
    has’nt legitimately lost to anyone on fair grounds, I say Cotto’s gonna
    bring the fight to him and prove too much for Floyd in the later rounds. I
    still have’nt been wrong about a prediction since the first Trinidad De La
    Hoya fight. May’s first loss, EASY.

  • that is another tactic of floyd u see . MR MONEY MAN????and he doesnt see
    the advantage of more seats??? DUHHHH !!!! u se he make sit unappeling for
    pacman camp and bob arum especially !!! i cant believe the low blows he is
    doing and there isnt even a fight yet !!!!

  • MrMichaelBlackson, I don’t know brother, Cotto now has a good stable
    trainer and quite frankly has’nt no one has defeated him on fair grounds.

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