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Gabourey Sidibe Tackles Chanel Over Racial Discrimination

Did Chanel employees commit a social faux paux?? Sounds like it. The newly slimed down Gabourey Sidibe recently recounted a negative experience while shopping at the pricy retail store in an essay for Lena Duhaam’s Lenny Letter.  The Empire star claims she was looking at items for herself and co-star Taraji P. Henson when the scandal went down.

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When Gabby approached the case filled with sunglasses the employee immediately directed her to a store across the street.

“I had been at her display for less than a minute, and she was literally directing me to another store,” Sidibe wrote. “She had decided after a single look at me that I wasn’t there to spend any money. Even though I was carrying a Chanel bag, she decided I wasn’t a Chanel customer and so, not worth her time and energy.”

It wasn’t until other store employees noticed who Gabourey was that she says the clerk showed her some service and respect.

Gabourey admits that this isn’t the first time she’s been profiled while shopping at a high end store. “No matter how dressed up I get, I’m never going to be able to dress up my skin color to look like what certain people perceive to be an actual customer,” she wrote. “Depending on the store, I either look like a thief or a waste of time.”

Luckily, Gabby had her Pretty Woman moment, and got her revenge by being famous and fabulous!

As a cherry on top, CHANEL has now issued a statement about the embarrassing incident:

“We took her words very seriously and immediately investigated to understand what happened. Knowing that this is absolutely not in line with the high standards that Chanel wishes to provide to our customers.”

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