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Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Fired Over Racist, Sexist Comments


A Georgia man has been fired from the Sheriff’s department and another has resigned over disgusting messages they shared on Facebook about minorities and women. In those messages, Brant Gaither and Jeremy Owens joked about pulling over Black drivers for giggles.

“It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Might not get too many niggs,” said Owens. “I hope we get a few but (expletive) if we don’t,” Gaither replied.

Their messages were exposed after a new deputy was given Owens’ old computer. McIntosh County Sheriff Stephen D. Jessup said as soon as he learned of his deputies behavior, he got rid of them. “There was never any question of what I needed to do and I did it,” Jessup said. “I do not tolerate that in my department.”

While the messages have not been released in their entirety, according to the AJC, one of the exchanges poked fun at domestic violence against women, and another made an offensive joke about a black pregnancy test and fried chicken.

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