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Too $hort Says He Mistakenly Took Gun To The Airport


Too $hort recently made headlines following reports of being arrested for possessing a loaded firearm. Well according to the rapper, only part of that is true. He admits to mistakenly taking his gun to the Burbank airport.

The Bay Area-based rapper explained how it all went down during an interview with VladTV. He says he was not arrested and that it was all just a mistake.

“I went to the airport and there was a gun in my bag and obviously it wasn’t purposely [there],” he said when asked about bringing a gun to an airport. “Who would go through TSA with a pistol?… I made a mistake, packed the wrong bag, got there. When I realized what the problem was. I wanted to just talk to my legal people and say, ‘Hey man, can we figure this out?’ Probably 20-30 minutes after it happened we called back, talked to TSA, we talked to Burbank PD, we arranged for me to come back and get cited… I did not get arrested. I did not run out of the airport…I made a big f—–g mistake.”

$hort cited his busy schedule and lack of sleep for his legal misstep.

As reported by HipHopDX, a TSA employee is said to have noticed the firearm in the rapper’s carry-on bag at an airport checkpoint. $hort then left the area without his possessions before he could be detailed and later returned with his legal team.

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