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Iggy Azalea Thinks Her A** “Deserves An Applause”

Y’all better recognize that Iggy Azalea’s “that b!tch” … her words, not ours.

Iggy Ig’s video for “Switch” featuring Brazilian singer Anitta just leaked and it’s quite a sight to see.

Among the many sexy scenes is one where Iggy, scantily clad in a multi-colored one piece, proclaims her a** to be worthy of some hand claps. Take a look below and determine for yourself.

Since the video leaked it looks like the Australian rapper is considering not releasing it. In a video for her fans Azalea explained, “The video is not even finished being edited yet. We had media partners and other bigger plans for the video on the right day of release. And this leaking really just ruins things for Anitta and I. So I’m really disappointed that this has happened. I don’t know if the video will come out or be released at all now, and if it does… I hope that everyone will still support it.”

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