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  • What a jerk. He’s now 20 and should be starting to act like a young adult.
    He’s not a teen anymore. Now he’s acting like spoiled brat 12 year old
    here. This is what happens after you suck dick too much. Soz to Beliebers.

  • I don’t think people understand the lawyer was there to ask questions he
    can be rude if he likes and that was not even rude he’s there to ask justin
    questions so he should F***ing answer them!

  • Is it wrong that I want to wrap my bicep around his head and squeeze until
    all the air leaks out of his head? What an idiot, this is the monster that
    money and a lack of parenting creates.

  • His parents must be feeling like shit for birthing a little pussy. If I
    were his parents I would beat him infront of the cameras.

  • Whoever is asking questions is hitting below the belt, WTF. I know this
    little boy is a dick, but can we be adults, please?

  • ok so many people are going to bash me whatever. I find it funny. people
    are so annoying, they just want to drag you down. well bieber is tired of
    it too

  • Don’t know weather to dislike the video because it involves Justin Dickhead
    or to Like it because he looks and acts like such a twat in it.

  • he acted like hes above all wait when youre older and bankrupt ill be
    laughing theres no way this stupid ass is going further up with that shitty
    and awful style and attitude cuz karma will fix u

  • Extra Extra, teenagers will become moronic douchebag turds when they are
    allowed to do whatever they want.

    Such a blatant disrespect for the law. Hit him hard with severe punishment.

  • What a little bitch. Without Usher, you wouldn’t be anywhere near where you
    are without him, he shouldn’t just be “familiar”.

  • hahahhaah i love this. hes being sarcastic in a way and this “highlight” is
    just focusing on his reaction to the judges being complete fucktards and
    harrasing him. fuck the media!!!! Justins a good kid everybody wants to see
    him fall and what the fuck was the question about selena. this was a legal
    issue not some issue of j14 u cunts.

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