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Mississippi Sheriff Claims R. Kelly Slept With His Wife & Gave Her Chlamydia

Has R. Kelly struck again?  According to a Mississippi sheriff’s deputy the ‘Pied Piper of R&B’ had an affair with his wife. And if that wasn’t enough Kelly allegedly gave the women chlamydia.

Chile we couldn’t make this up if we tried. The man has even filed a lawsuit against Kelly over the supposed affair.

Per the lawsuit (obtained by ABC News) Kenny Bryant claims that he suffered “emotional, psychological and financial loss” due to the actions of the “Ignition” singer.

Bryant, a Deputy for Hinds County, claims that his wife, Asia Childress, admitted to having a relationship with Kelly prior to their wedding in July 2012. The deputy alleges that Kelly and Childress rekindled their relationship that October after she went to one of his concerts.

Soon after, Bryant said Childress convinced him to quit his job and move to Atlanta, ostensibly to further his career. However, he believes Childress’ motive was to continue her affair with Kelly.

According to the lawsuit, Childress repeatedly traveled to nearby states to attend R. Kelly concerts and rendezvous with the singer. The suit also alleges that Childress contracted chlamydia from Kelly around the time they began seeing each other again.

The lawsuit also states, “Bryant tried every avenue to hold his marriage together, but his efforts could not prevail against R. Kelly’s continued sexual overtures to Childress.”

A rep for R. Kelly has not responded to media requests for comment, but Bryant definitely has some receipts, aka text messages, from Kelly to his wife. See exhibit A below.


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