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Nate Parker Accused Of Sexual Misconduct … What Does This Means For The Actor?


Hollywood actor, director, beloved husband and father, Nate Parker is in the center of a new sexual scandal.

17 years ago, Parker was accused and then acquitted of raping a woman at Penn State, a case that resurfaced earlier this year during the release of his new film, Birth of a Nation. But now, it looks like Parker has a new case on his hands.

Nate is now being accused of sexual misconduct after he allegedly “exposed himself” to a female student trainer on the Penn State campus.

In the report, first released by the New York Times, the incident happened while he was on trial for the 2000 rape case. But why is this all surfacing now?

According to reports, it was the prosecutors handling Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia scandal that discovered the mishandling of Parker’s former misconduct. While digging into the former Penn State football coach’s sexual abuse of children, it was unearthed that the university dropped the complaint after the accuser chose not to go to the police.

Prosecutors are now questioning former athletic director, Tim Curley, who was allegedly one of several campus officials who not only failed to report Sandusky’s misconduct, but Parker’s.

“This is the first Mr. Parker has ever heard of this,” Nate’s lawyer, David J. Matlof tells the news outlet. “He recognizes the seriousness of the issue, but this claim is completely untrue.”

As for the rape case, Parker has repeatedly suggested that the sex, with the woman who sadly committed suicide, was consensual. He recently told Anderson Cooper, “I do think [her death] is tragic … I was falsely accused. I went to court. I sat in trial. I was vindicated. I feel terrible that this woman isn’t here. I feel terrible that her family had to deal with that, but as I sit here, an apology is no.”

So what does all this mean for the actor? We are talking two major scandals over three months, all while his film Birth of a Nation is in theaters. Will the actor be blacklisted?

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