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T.I Sons Lil Wayne Over #BlackLivesMatter Comments

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Wayne continues to catch hell over his comments about “My life matters” vs “Black Lives Matter.” But this time, it is T.I. that is going in on Weezy with reckless abandon. He was not just dissing Wayne though, he really got on him personally over this comments that were over the top ignorant. Tip even said Wayne was coonin, which is an incredible slap in the face.

But, true. And now Wayne has to contend with this beyond the trolls. Look at what Tip said below.

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T.I. means business!

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  • Stop with ur ridiculos “stats” and noone said all cops are bad but the whole institution is a problem. black and brown ppl are targeted and are treated differently and that is a fact. black ppl have been saying this decades b4 blm and camera phones and it is just now coming to light

  • Lil Stepin Fetchit is something else. I wonder how many of his Blood brothers are as bougie as him? He essentially is Riff Raff in black face at this point in his career. The two artists he brought in are larger and more successful than he is. The only pub he gets now a days is coonin at 1930s levels.

  • bad cops need to be convicted but hating all cops, singing “pigs in a blanket” and claiming police hunt blacks every day like BLM does are crazy exaggerations

  • 99% of police just want to do their job to protect and serve.
    This whole hate of police that Black Lives Matter preaches is sad and the numbers of police killed is thru the roof.
    T.I. is just inflaming the situation even more to remain relevant while his career is floundering.

  • First Emmet Till comment, then having his daughter dance on stage to “F**k every girl” song, now this……shout out to Wayne bidding for the Foul Ni66a award 2016 LOL

  • He said what needed to be said.Wayne was out of line. He doesn’t have to agree with BLM, (I don’t either) but the whole interview he looked like a fool.

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