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Will Smith Says Social Media Killed Movie Stars

Will Smith breaks down why he thinks social media is killing of the mystic of movie stars! Will told audiences at Comic Con about how different stardom used to be, “In terms of movie stars, it’s a huge difference. It’s like you almost can’t make new movie stars anymore” “It’s like there’s a certain amount of…

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David Otunga Says LaVar Ball Was the Best Part Of RAW; Wants to Wrestle Him Next (Video)

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Jamie Foxx Says His Last Movie “Sucked”

JAMIE FOXX: ‘MY LAST MOVIE SUCKED’ READ MORE! View full post on Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews, Rumors, Rap & Music Videos | Allhiphop #b4inc #hhs #gregorydevans #hackerforhire

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Mitrione Says “F*ck The Warriors” & Says He’ll Go to White House to Support Trump (Video)

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Nicki Minaj Says Her New Album Will Be “Classic Hip-Hop”

NICKI MINAJ IS PLANNING TO RELEASE A CLASSIC HIP-HOP ALBUM View full post on Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews, Rumors, Rap & Music Videos | Allhiphop #b4inc #hhs #gregorydevans #hackerforhire

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Amanda Bynes Says Although On Drugs, She Was Serious About Drake “Murdering” Her Vagina

Amanda Bynes is back, y’all! It’s been five years since the world last heard from Bynes and now, she is ready to speak out about where she’s been hiding. During her first interview since being hospitalized and placed on a 5150, the actress opened up about life since having a series of mental breakdowns. Read More

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Oprah Says OWN Doesn’t Want ‘Underground’ Because Of Low Ratings + High Cost

There was a brief moment in time when we all hoped that Oprah Winfrey’s Network would snatch up the now cancelled WGN show “Underground”. But, alas that hope was dashed when it was announced that OWN had passed on the escape thriller, leaving us all asking “Why Oprah, whyyyyy?!” Well, Lady O has answered that…

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Exclusive: Author Angela Stanton Says Phaedra Should Have Her Law License Revoked for Lying

Author of the number 1 best seller and former ex best friend of Phaedra Parks, Angela Stanton sat down with Entertainment Reporter Taylor Walton to discuss her former friendship with the Atlanta Housewife, Phaedra Parks’ removal from the show, her jail time, and even her upcoming projects. Read More

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Dave Chappelle Says He “F*cked Up” For Suggesting We Should Give Donald Trump A Chance

Dave Chappelle is apologizing for suggesting back in November that America should actually give Donald Trump a chance. While speaking to the crowd at the Robin Hood Gala in New York City on Monday night, the comedian admitted that he “f*cked up” when he said during his SNL monologue that he wanted to give Donald the…

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