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LeBron James Goes Full Force On Trump!

Like many Americans, LeBron James has hit a wall when it comes to #45 and his reckless shenanigans. But, Trump’s recent white supremacist-sympathizing behavior has the NBA star seeing red and he’s speaking out! Following Trump’s press conference on Tuesday, in which he effectively blamed the incident in Charlottesville on “both sides” and blamed the…

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The One Way Donald Trump Has Been Good To America … At Least According To Dave Chappelle

In November 2016, Dave Chappelle suggested to the world we should actually give President Donald Trump a chance. Now, the comedian is admitting that The Donald has been good to America by doing one thing. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Chappelle claimed that Trump is at the very least helping educate…

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Donald Trump Just Blocked Chrissy Teigen On Twitter — See The Model’s Hilarious Response

It’s the battle of the Twitter users. Chrissy Teigen has never bitten her tongue regarding her disdain for Donald Trump, but it looks like the model’s frequent Twitter messages about the President has led to being blocked. On Tuesday morning, John Legend’s wife confirmed via the social media website that Trump cut her from the…

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Mitrione Says “F*ck The Warriors” & Says He’ll Go to White House to Support Trump (Video)

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Hollywood Upset After Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Agreement

It’s been a busy week for woke celebs. Don Cheadle defended President Trump and chastised Kathy Griffin earlier this week for posting a gruesome photo of a bloody, decapitated head, and now he’s back to chastising The Donald. Cheadle isn’t the only celeb speaking out against Trump’s position on the Paris Climate Agreement, and he’s in…

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Why “Covfefe” Is More Than Just Another Blunder From Trump

What the hell is “covfefe”? That’s the question everyone has been asking since Donald Trump tweeted the unknown word in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (EST). It’s certainly not his first social media blunder,

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Did Nelly Just Admit He Voted For Donald Trump?

“I liked Donald Trump,” Nelly admitted. “I did.” Luckily, “did” is the operative word here. The St. Louis rapper opened up to PageSix and admitted he was a fan of The Donald. “Pre-Presidency, I was cool with The Donald,” Nelly stated, “Loved his hotels.” So, what about now, post-Presidency? Is he happy Trump won the…

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Premature or Nah? United States Congressman Drafting Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

It has been a little over a hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency and now it may come to an abrupt end sooner than he expected. Read More

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Barack Obama Calls Donald Trump A “Bullsh!ter”

Barack Obama is not a fan of #45 … shocker! Apparently, our forever POTUS is so anti-Trump that he called him a “bullsh!ter.” Hmmm, seems pretty accurate to us! The Obamas’ post-presidential life is the cover story for People and the mag talked to a few of Barack’s friends about how he thinks the current…

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Dave Chappelle Says He “F*cked Up” For Suggesting We Should Give Donald Trump A Chance

Dave Chappelle is apologizing for suggesting back in November that America should actually give Donald Trump a chance. While speaking to the crowd at the Robin Hood Gala in New York City on Monday night, the comedian admitted that he “f*cked up” when he said during his SNL monologue that he wanted to give Donald the…

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