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Jimmy Fallon’s Emotional Response To White Supremacy Riots + New Reaction From T.I., Yara Shahidi & More

More and more celebrities are starting to speak out about the nasty events that unfolded in Charlottesville over the weekend — specifically, how President Donald Trump took two full days to respond. Jimmy Fallon opened up his show on Monday night with an emotional monologue about the violent white supremacist march that left one person…

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Madonna Was Just Too White For Tupac

It’s no secret that Tupac Shakur dated pop icon Madonna for a brief time, but the reason their love affair didn’t last is finally coming to light. Spoiler Alert: It’s because she’s white as hell. It’s odd… Madge was clearly white before Pac pursued her, but alas, it was her whiteness that also caused the…

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Mitrione Says “F*ck The Warriors” & Says He’ll Go to White House to Support Trump (Video)

View full post on BlackSportsOnline #b4inc #hhs #gregorydevans #hackerforhire Read More

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True Or False: Warriors Won’t Go To The White House For Victory Visit?

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the Golden State Warriors clinched the NBA Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and yet they have already “unanimously” decided not to stop by the White House for their victory lap … so says the internet. It all started with a tweet from The Halftime Report host Josh…

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Bill Maher Isn’t The First … 5 Other White Celebs Who Feel Way Too Comfortable Using The N-Word

In case you missed it, HBO host Bill Maher referred to himself as a “house ni**er.”

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Shocking Video: White Cop Tases Completely Compliant Black Man

The Balch Springs Police Department, the same police department that shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards just two weeks ago, is now under fire for using a taser on an unarmed Black man. Leaked body cam footage shows a White officer using the taser on Marco Stephenson, who is already detained and completely compliant at…

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Exclusive: Dear Donald Trump … Why You Need To Watch ‘Dear White People’

Donald Trump should hunker down and binge watch Netflix’s Dear White People — he could learn a thing or two. DWP follows a group of Black students at an Ivy League college dealing with race relations and social issues. What makes the show compelling, however, is the easily digestible and more often than not, humorous dialogue. Read More

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Watch This: ‘Dear White People’ Series Will Definitely Ruffle Some Feathers!

If you watched Dear White People, the film, then you know precisely what you’ll get from the new Netflix series of the same name. If you’re one who missed the film, then you’re in for quite a treat… The full trailer for the DWP series has dropped and it’s every bit as good as the film….

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You Big Dummy! White House Press Secretary Thinks Hitler’s Use of Gas is Better Than Chemical Weapons

You really have to wonder what the thought process is behind this current presidential administration… In the newest of a long line of controversy coming from Washington D. Read More

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Diddy’s Revolt Shuts Down Lawsuit By White Employees Claiming Discrimination

Diddy’s Revolt is being sued by five former white employees who believe his Revolt network discriminated against them because of race. But according to the company, the claims have “no merit.” Per gossip column Page Six, the plaintiffs, all over the age of 39, worked on the Breakfast Club and claim they were fired for not…

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