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The Full Break Down: Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma’s Weekend Explosion

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma’s beef just got a whole lot nastier. So in case you missed it, here’s the full breakdown of the rap nemesis latest saga.

Over the weekend, Minaj made a huge cameo during Gucci Mane’s set at Hot 107.9’s annual Birthday Bash. But things took a weird turn when Nicki decided to perform “Make Love” and  “No Frauds,” both songs which sparked the feud earlier this year with she and Remy.

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Here’s the catch, Remy, who performed earlier in the day, was said to still be in the building when Nicki launched into the diss tracks. Ma, however, took to Instagram to not only confirm she had already left the venue, but to also suggest that Nicki isn’t a threat.

Wait,” she said. “I know ni**as is not out here trying to act like we was all in the same building and you acting all tough and hardcorial. First of all, nobody even looks at you like that. Do you know that nobody believes that you’re tough like that? Stop. It’s actually painful to watch.”

“Everybody knows I’m still on papers & I really be on some chill sht; perhaps that’s why btches out here ‘FRAUDing,’” she wrote, showing proof that her contract states all artists must leave after their set.

Ma then added the hashtags, #WhyYouFrontingLikeYouDidSomething, #YouWaitedTilHoursAfteriLeft #LikeUAlwaysDo, and #StopMentioningFelonsTilThatALLEDGEDPedophileGetOfTrial.”

Nicki hasn’t responded to the latest, but do you smell another diss track?

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