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These Beyonce Ordering Food Memes Are Liiiiffffeeeee

Clever Internet users just turned Beyonce simply ordering food into some of the funniest memes of 2017 … no, seriously.

On Wednesday night, the pregnant singer shared a few snapshots on Instagram of her out on the town with a group of friends and her hubby, Jay Z.

The photo slideshow started off with an adorable image of Bey sporting her baby bump, then an up-and-close shot of her makeup, followed by a photo of the night’s accessories, another baby bumping photo, a floral quad box and then … the golden ticket.

The image we are all raving about shows the singer, clad in a red dress, ordering from the menu of probably an insanely expensive eatery. But we digress. In the visual, a very focused singer can be seen pointing to a menu while the waitress listens intently.

The image has managed to go viral and with the attachment of some wildly funny scenarios.

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Here are some of our favorites.


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